Container Homes

Starting At:

CAD $119,000

Proudly introducing our first release, the ‘Clovelly’ model has a layout that fits everything you could possibly need into a small but functional space. The self-contained, 320sq.ft. unit includes a bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen/dining space, and living room.

The ‘Clovelly’ is perfect for a single person living, or for those couples happy to live an organized, low subsistence lifestyle. Flooded with natural light, this design makes for a beautiful, practical, liveable and rentable space, capable of adapting to off-grid scenarios with minimal fuss. The Clovelly is a high efficiency, smart home built with pride, passion and sustainable values at the forefront of everything we do.

Floor Space: 320 Sq. Ft

West Coast Container Home Inside
West Coast Container Home
West Coast Container Homes

Included Features:

Full kitchen
  • Quality cabinetry (with customizable options)
  • Full depth stone countertops & tile backsplash (with customizable options)
  • Quality kitchen sink and faucet standard (with customizable options)
  • Built in 24” oven and 2 burner cooktop (with customizable options)
  • Built in 24” range hood fan, fully vented to outside
  • Full height, dual functioning 30” pantry
Three-piece bathroom
  • Quality custom cabinetry with built in mechanical (hot water heater)
  • Toilet, lavatory and shower fixtures
  • Full height tiled shower stall (with customizable options)
  • Sleek glass shower doors
  • Quality panasonic re-circ fan, fully vented to outside
  • Full rough-in for 24” stack-able washer/dryer combo
  • Venting connection point, fully vented to outside
Separate bedroom
  • Full height ceilings and lots of natural light
  • Electric wall unit heater
  • Built in storage (with customizable options)
  • Accommodates a queen bed mattress size (with customizable options)
Living space
  • T.V./cable rough-ins ready to go
  • Built in couch nook perfect for sofa bed/guests
  • Super quiet convection wall heater
Other cool features
  • High quality, durable and sleek looking vinyl plank flooring throughout
  • High quality, steel reinforced windows and doors
  • Sleek recessed 4” pot lights (LED) throughout
  • High efficiency/dual unit HRV system for superior air quality
  • Professionally painted exterior to the colour of your choice
  • Exterior (frost free) hose bib
Available add-ons (not included)
  • Additional appliance packages are available which include 24” fridge, 24”
  • washer/dryer combo, and 18” dishwasher options
  • Customizable roof options
  • Customizable deck/porch options
  • Customizable exterior trim options
  • Bathroom tile floor options
  • Customizable ‘storage bed’ options
  • Custom murphy ‘wall bed’ options
  • Couch/sofa bed options
  • Showerhead upgrade options
  • Customizable shelving options (in all rooms)
  • Customizable ‘folding table’ options
  • Customizeable living room ‘feature wall’ options
  • In-floor heat options

Our Process:

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Contact us via email

We will check in with your municipality.

Attend a sales meeting

Schedule and attend a 1hr ‘Sales Meeting’ to discuss your project & potential timelines (by appointment only)

Site walkthrough & assessment

We will come out and conduct a full site walkthrough and assessment.

Step 2

Proposals & Agreements

Full estimate is presented

Your full quotation is presented.

Sign off occurs

Final estimate, terms and conditions documents are signed off by client.

60% deposit is paid

Deposit is paid

Timeline confirmation occurs

Timeline is confirmed and design phase proceeds.

Step 3

Design Phase

Initial meeting

Initial meeting to discuss scope of work, site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections and initial foundation design

Drawings presented

First draft of drawings are presented.

Permit discussions occur

Discussion of submittal of permits and who does what.

Design package signed off & invoice presented

Sign off on final design package, drawings and invoice.

Invoice payment & permits submitted

Final invoice paid. All drawings and accompanying documents sent off to appropriate municipalities for permit approval.

Step 4

Production Phase

Timelines are refined

We will confirm your production timeline.

Unit production starts

We will begin production of your new container home.

Completion & final sign-off

All shop welding, fit outs and off site inspections are completed.

Transportation arranged & scheduled

All transportation & installation to site is confirmed and scheduled.

Final installation & finishing items complete

Installation is carried out on-site and any unit finishing items are completed.

Step 5

Construction Phase

Site preparation

Site servicing work commences (excavation, hydro, drainage, sewer, water, metering, foundation, etc.)

Complete site installations

Upon installation of the container, all peripheral site installations are able to be completed (roof, deck, etc.)

Completing finishing items

All on-site finishing items such as softscaping/ hardscaping are complete.

Change order invoicing

Payment of Change Order Invoicing occurs.

Final feedback & new home enjoyment

Final feedback occurs and simple living commences!

Additional Services:

We offer all of the services you will need to bring your container home dream to fruition. Our full-service package allows you to sit back and let our team of experienced professionals handle everything for you, including obtaining permits and completing your project from A to Z. Additional ‘add-on’ design services, carpentry services (custom finishing, roofing, decking, etc), landscaping services, and more are also available.

Container Home FAQs:

What are container homes used for?

Our container homes can be used for a range of purposes, including garden suites, off-grid cabins, retirement living, investment opportunities, short-term accommodation, in-law suites, isolation units, staff accommodation and office space, to name just a few.

Container homes are engineered for year-round living in a variety of climates.

What kind of foundation is required?

Depending on your site requirements and budget, the most common foundation types are either concrete slab on grade or screw pile piers.

What are the site servicing requirements for a container home?

Container homes can either be adapted for off-grid, or they can be connected to municipal services. Site servicing requirements (e.g. electrical, plumbing, wastewater, etc.) are similar to those for a standard build. Municipal requirements vary by site and are determined as part of the feasibility assessment.

How long does it take to get a container home built and installed?

Typically, 14 weeks is our production, site servicing and installation timeframe. In addition to this, depending on the level of service required, you will need to add permit timeframes.

Permits: Timeframes to obtain permits is one of the few items that are hard to estimate. As all municipalities are different and experience fluctuating processing times, we typically confirm this item at the preliminary assessment stage of the process.

Production: Our production goal is to produce your container home in 12-14 weeks. Exact timeline for container delivery will depend on permit approvals and site servicing.

Site servicing: Typically site servicing takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

Installation: Basic installation, finishing and site clean-up take anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the location and access to your site.

Does the container home come with appliances?

The “Clovelly” base price includes a built-in oven, cooktop and range hood fan. An add-on appliance package is available which includes an apartment-sized fridge, dishwasher and washer/dryer unit. This package would arrive seperately post container installation.

Can I customize the design of the container home?

The overall size and layout of the 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom “Clovelly” model is not customizable at this time. However, there are alot of customizeable interior finishes within the existing layout.

Add-ons and upgrades are also available during the design phase. Additional items such as custom light fixtures, window coverings, built-in storage, shelving, custom/built in bed unit, plumbing fixtures are all discussed and determined prior to contract sign off.

Do I need a permit for a container home?
Generally yes. Permits and other regulatory requirements vary by jurisdiction. Legal container homes are considered permanent structures and as such are placed on a concrete foundation.

Alternatively, there are circumstances that may NOT require permits such as temporary settings, certain remote locations and special cases. For clarification on your project permit requirements, please feel free to reach out to us for a chat… we would love to hear from you!

How much does a container home cost?

The 40-foot 1-bedroom 1-bathroom fully self-contained ‘Clovelly’ model starts at $119,000 (plus taxes).

This does not include foundation, site servicing, deck, roof packages, landscaping or design.

Can I visit one of your completed container homes in-person?

Yes. Limited viewing opportunities may be available by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Why would I choose a container home over other tiny home options?

It is our belief that our container homes are simpler, more affordable and more sustainable than most other tiny home options on the market.

How does payment work?

A 60% deposit will be required at proposal sign off, followed by 40% payment at completion of drawing package and final design sign off. Any change orders and extras will be invoiced at completion of the job.

What if I can't find answers to my questions here?

Please contact us with your query! If there’s any additional questions that would be helpful, we would love to add them to this section of our website for the reference of others.