Starting At:

CAD $36,900

The Office Pod is an instant plug and play solution originally designed for the home office scenario. It is a moveable structure which gives people extra space and/or separation without the hassle (and cost) associated with permanent structures. It requires NO permits or foundation and is easily relocated with minimal disruption to the yard or property. Decorate to suit and enjoy for decades to come!

OfficePod Sizing Options
13’ x 8’ x 9’6” high (104 sq.ft.)
13’ x 8’ x 8’6” high (104 sq.ft.)

Backyard OfficePod
Backyard OfficePod
West Coast Container Homes OfficePod

Included Features:

  • NNo permits or foundation required (please check in with your local authority if unsure)

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NWired for easy plug in to standard 110V household outlet.

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NMulti-purpose use (home office, guest room, studio or other).

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NFully finished interior, including painted drywall, high quality cork-backed vinyl flooring, 3x electrical plugs, 4x slimline LED lighting.

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NFully inspected and certified electrical system.

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NContinuous spray foam insulation (R12). Fully sealed and insulated floor system.

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NExterior paint colour of your choice.

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NHigh quality window and door units

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

  • NQuick connect internet capability

    email us to schedule a phone or in-person consult.

Our Process:

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Contact us

Contact us through the website to either get a quote (electronic form) OR book a consult (phone chat) to discuss your project. If required, we will use this chat to schedule a site visit. 

Complimentary site visit

We will come to your site to assess your property for access and any additional services you may require for your project.

Step 2

Proposals & Agreements

Quotation package sign-off

After your site visit is complete, we will email you your final pricing, terms & conditions for sign-off.

60% deposit paid

Final sign-off is complete and 60% deposit is paid. Confirmation of timelines and delivery dates are finalized and that’s it until delivery day.

Step 3

Production Phase

Unit production commences

Sit back and relax while we start building your OfficePod!

Completion, sign-off & final payment

Unit video inspections are complete, emailed and signed-off electronically. Final payment (40%) is made and delivery is scheduled.

Shipment & installation

Unit is shipped and delivered to site. Installation is complete.

Additional services (if required)

Any additional on-site services are carried out and completed as per sign-off.

…then simply plug-in, decorate & enjoy your extra room for years to come!

Additional Services:

We will arrange all delivery and placement services tailored to your specific needs.

We also offer additional ‘add-on’ services, including deck packages, roof packages, landscaping services and more.

Please feel free to make us aware of any additional services you may require during our initial complimentary site visit.

Office Pod FAQs:

What are the dimensions of the OfficePod?

OfficePods have a standard 8’ x 13’ footprint and come in two separate heights depending on what you are after, what your site allows and what your budget is. The Internal (for decorating) and the External (for site locating) dimensions are as follows:

Exterior OfficePod Dimensions:
8’(96”)W x 13’(156”)L x 8’6”(102”)H
8’(96”)W x 13’(156”)L x 9’6”(114”)H

Interior OfficePod Dimensions:
7’(84”)W x 11’(132”)L x 7’(84”)H
7’(84”)W x 11’(132”)L x 8’(96”)H

How does this all work?

We limit our production runs to two per year, Spring (March) and Summer (July). Depending on when you would like to see your OfficePod arrive at your site, sign off must be complete prior to the cut-off date for each run.

How fast can you build me an OfficePod?

Your delivery date will be determined on the date of sign off.  The ‘next available’ production run will then determine when you will receive your new OfficePod

  Sign-off complete by: Expected delivery date:
SPRING RUN  15th January 15th May
SUMMER RUN 15th May 15th September
What are the requirements for my site?

You will need enough space to accommodate your OfficePods exterior dimensions AND adequate site access.

We have a few magicians on our team with the ability to get these units into some incredible spots using a variety of different options. This makes the possibility of us finding a way for you extremely favourable!

Site access is generally the main component of our initial site assessment.
Power requirements consist of a simple extension cord long enough to reach the unit from the nearest household plug. We recommend getting a licenced electrician to run a quick load calculation on both the lead and plug to be used, just to make sure they are adequate.

What site preparation is required?

A level, well compacted pad, free of organic matter is recommended. 4x concrete patio pavers are a super easy and effective method of raising the base of the unit off the earth, where required.

In most cases, ‘post drop’ shimming and levelling can be easily achieved.

Are OfficePods inspected and certified?

Yes. Each one of our OfficePods are individually inspected, tested and certified by electrical authorities right here on Vancouver Island. We take pride in what we do and build every OfficePod to perform well beyond ‘minimum standards’.

Can I customize my OfficePod?

Yes! Customization is available upon request. This will require a short design phase initially to determine what you are after. This design work is typically billed on a time and materials basis as per our current schedule of rates, which will be signed off before we get started. No deposit is required for this.

Once the design phase is complete and we finalize what you are after, we will provide a full quotation free of charge.

Can I heat/cool my unit?

Yes! We offer a both baseboard AND wall mounted convection heater upgrade options for your officepod.

Alternatively, there are a range of options which are easy to plug in after the fact, depending on your use. We recommend The Dyson Hot + Cool Fan heater range (from your local Dyson dealer). These units do an amazing job of heating and cooling the OfficePod space year round. https://www.dysoncanada.ca/en/fans-and-heaters/hot-cool.

If more air conditioning capacity is required for your use, feel free to ask us about running a separate power source in order to install a small mini split on the exterior of the unit.

How does payment work?

OfficePods: A 60% deposit will be required at quotation sign off and 40% final payment prior to shipping. 

Custom design work: All time and materials billing for custom design work is invoiced separately on a bi-weekly cycle.

What if I can't find answers to my questions here?

Please contact us with your query! If there’s any additional questions that would be helpful, we would love to add them to this section of our website for the reference of others.