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The Pods

Explore innovative, sustainable living solutions and prefab pods from West Coast Container Homes. Whether you’re seeking a backyard office, a unique dwelling, a temporary spare room or a cost-effective, sustainable housing solution, we have high-quality, handcrafted pods tailored to your needs. Join us in redefining modern living with style and sustainability.
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The Office Pod — 104 sQ Ft.

The most efficient Pod that will become your oasis.



Utility Pod Backyard Room
The Utility Pod — 160 Sq ft.

The bigger pod with an optional bathroom.



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The Sleeper Pod — 104 sq ft.

The coziest pod, designed for a good night’s sleep.



Our Pods:

Our pods are premium spaces designed to suit the needs of businesses, communities and individuals. We use upcycled, and environmentally friendly, building materials to produce the most sustainable, high quality modular living spaces available.

Our Process:

Step 1

Reserve Your Pod

Choose your POD & Delivery Date
Reservation Deadline : Delivery date:
10th Jan 30th Apr
30th Apr 31st Aug
30th Jun 30th Oct
Reserve your POD & receive your Shop Drawings

When you have made a decision and you are ready to proceed with you order, simply click HERE to pay your retainer. Once payment is received we will email you your shop drawings and follow up with a phone call to give you more details about your order.

Step 2

Pod Sign Off

Review Your Drawings

After our discussion, a free revision of your shop drawings will be reviewed to ensure your Pod has everything you need. Once reviewed & verbally approved, we will send you your paperwork for sign off.

Sign Off Occurs & Deposit is Paid

Once everything is as it should be, electronically sign the terms and conditions, pay your 40% deposit and we begin production of your pod!

Step 3


Delivery Logistics & Final Payment Arrangements are Made

As completion draws near, we will contact you to schedule in a convenient time for delivery and installation. We will also use this time to confirm arrangements for final payment. Video walkthroughs of your finished unit prior to shipping are available on request.

Delivery & Installation Occurs

Unit is shipped and delivered to site on your specified delivery day/time. Installation is complete by our expert crew in less than 2 hrs, then all you have to do is plug it in, decorate and enjoy your new room for decades to come!!!!

...then simply plug-in, decorate & enjoy your extra room for years to come!