Why Choose a Modular Office Space over a Traditional Renovation Project? Case Study: Schools and Hospitality Operators

Now more than ever, businesses, schools, hospitality operators, social housing projects, professionals and homeowners are seeking alternative office space and building solutions, whether it be for living, working, learning or playing.

They are seeking out affordable, time-efficient and sustainable solutions over traditional construction methods, which come with significant challenges and limitations.

Here at West Coast Container Homes, we are not only focused on creating more efficient and healthier living and working environments, but also on having a sustainable and positive impact on our planet for generations to come. The overall benefits of modular solutions in comparison to traditional builds are undeniable.

We are super proud to be able to deliver our alternative and innovative Office Pods which meet, and exceed these needs. Traditional renovations, particularly in times of uncertainty, can typically involve large variations in cost, shortages of building material supply, and last but not least, the dreaded ‘Scope Creep’… which wreaks havoc on scheduling, timeframes, deadlines and most importantly, budget!

Our Office Pods are manufactured locally, right here on Vancouver Island and are currently delivered as complete units throughout British Columbia and Western Canada. They provide buyers or renters with an ‘out of the box’ turnkey solution, making the installation and set-up process simple, quick and easy. There is next to zero on-site groundwork required, meaning there is minimal disruption to normal business activities or site. And the pricing of our Pods is totally transparent and fixed – so no sticker shock or stress.

Case Study #1: Modular in Schools

The simple, quick and easy installation benefits of modular construction are of particular interest to school districts, where the school day and curriculum can resume as normal with no interruptions to timetables or distractions for students. Schools are forever short on office space for the amazing staff that combine forces and talents to educate our kids.

Imagine one day, at the cost of a couple of hundred square feet of playground that no one uses anyway, there were multiple (much needed) new offices overlooking the school yard installed overnight… ready for use!

Office Pod Victoria
Office Pods Vancouver Island

One of the key benefits of using up-cycled shipping containers (other than the sustainability, low impact and energy efficiency pieces), is that they are extremely easy to move around. Schools have all sorts of admin, storage and study requirements which could really see a modular unit like the Office Pod utilized in many applications around the school ground throughout its lifetime.

Case Study #2: Modular for Tourism Operators

In the case of tourism operators, such as wineries and eco resorts, sustainable modular construction can be a perfect solution, allowing daily operations to continue while facilities and accommodation are expanded. This approach ensures no noise disruption for guests, no extra dust and dirt, and no visual distractions. And our Pod units are perfect for a range of uses such as a small retail store, changing room, salon service clinic space, staff office space and more!

Additionally, more remote destinations such as private getaways and glamping retreats are typically located in environmentally sensitive wilderness areas, where the need to cause minimal disturbance to the ground through low impact construction is of utmost importance for everyone concerned. Being out in the wilderness can also bring its fair share of little critters! It is always nice to know that Office Pod units are completely rodent proof! We guarantee it, so your guests can sleep easy knowing there isn’t going to be any little visitors in the middle of the night!

Building locally on Vancouver Island for 20 years, our team’s high level of organization and relationships with local suppliers are second to none. Our incredible team is committed to making sure client satisfaction is nothing short of 5 stars! The end result is always a seamless, efficient process ensuring your Pod or group of Pods are completed in a high quality and timely manner, every time.

Our mission, at its core, is to help people solve problems. We do this by providing top notch service and making our Pods as accessible as possible. With this in mind we are now super excited about our ability to offer rental and rent- to-own Office Pod options. Please contact us through the website if you would like to chat more about how we can help you get the space you need, now!

So if you’re looking to improve the accommodations of your tourism operation, create more space at your school, or even just to book in the use of a Pod on a rental basis, reach out and find out how we can help.