What is an Office Pod unit, and why is it so relevant today, right here in British Columbia?

Hey everyone! Today we want to talk about something super cool and relevant to how we live our lives, today. Specifically, how small-scale modular units like the ‘Office Pod’ are helping British Columbians navigate both the housing crisis and aged care shortfalls by creating much needed separation for people, as they flock back to the family home in the aftermath of the pandemic. The triple whammy, and the original ‘backstory’ to the Office Pod, comes with the modern day ‘work from home’ climate which we have all experienced recently.

What is an office pod unit?

In a nutshell, Office Pods are a small, heated and beautifully finished room that you can literally set up anywhere in less than 2 hours. Although small in stature, these 104sq.ft. Office Pods punch well above their weight when it comes to delivering the space people need, the separation they require and the quality and durability to last a lifetime.

Office Pod Van Isle
Office Pod Victoria

Born from up-cycled shipping containers, the Office Pod units built by West Coast Container Homes are visually stunning, super durable and require zero maintenance. Locally built right here on Vancouver Island they boast the incredible title of being the most sustainably built, small scale modular unit on the market today… something everyone at West Coast Container Homes is extremely proud of!

In an Office application, Office Pods are a great way to instantly create a sense of privacy and comfort. You can make your Office Pod as cozy as you want, with all your favorite things like a comfy chair, a desk, soft rug and even some plants. That way, your separate workspace will feel like your own special place… an oasis of sorts.

They’re perfect for creating an instant workspace, relaxation space or spare room that’s separate from the rest of your home. That way, you can focus on what you are doing without getting distracted by all the other things going on in your house. The fact that they are so easy to set up and install means you can continually move them around throughout their lifespan with minimal fuss, whenever you need to.

Instant Room Versatility

Although Office Pods were originally designed to serve people as instant office space, their use is NOT LIMITED to just Office applications. These fully certified pods have been utilized for all sorts of creative purposes that pop up during a housing crisis and imminent trade shortage:

Temporary Housing

  • Multiple units used in communal arrangement

Staff Housing

  • Multiple units used in communal arrangement

Retreat/Campground Settings

  • Multiple units used in communal arrangement

Home Additions

  • Instant spare bedrooms
  • Kids Rooms (Quiet, Play or Gaming)

Small Business

  • Art studios
  • Tattoo parlors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Professional services rooms
  • Display Centres

So if you’re looking for a great option to create separation, add instant space or to serve you from a functional standpoint, Office Pods are the way to go! They’re the perfect way to create your own special place, and give you the freedom you deserve! Happy Working! Happy Living!